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Ultimate Frisbee tournaments are awesome, but it sucks when you can’t play because you forgot a vital piece of equipment. This checklist is dedicated to helping you and your team remember everything you will need to take for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Be sure to distribute this to your team so everybody is on the same page, literally.


Clothes to Bring

PACK LIGHT. If you are like most Ultimate teams, you will have to transport a metric shit-ton of people in a limited amount of cars. So the less stuff you bring, the more room there is for everyone.

▢ Bring something warm. Plan for the worst and the best temperatures. If the tourney is outdoors think of the lowest possible temp for that time a year and picture yourself sitting on the bench in the rain, bring an outfit warm enough. Under Armour works best because it is warm and takes up little space. Layer up!

▢ Something waterproof. A big black garbage bag works nice to cover up your stuff on the sidelines. Bring a Waterproof Jacket as well for yourself. One with a hood is ideal. Keep the umbrellas to a minimum.

 Also bring a plastic shopping bag for wet cleats or sweaty clothes so they don’t contaminate your bag and smell.

▢ Bring jerseys or light/dark shirts. There is always someone that forgets this. We hate that person.

▢ A Towel. I am a guy with short hair, so I just bring a wash cloth and it works perfectly to dry off my entire body. Consider this when trying to pack as light as possible. Some even use Shamwows.

▢ SOCKS SOCKS SOCKS. Plan on socks getting wet, sweaty, ripped, etc. bring extras just in case. One can never have enough socks.

▢ A nice outfit in case there is a party or bars. Cologne/perfume is a good thing to have too.

Pack the obvious.

▢ Shirts

▢ Pants/shorts/gym shorts/belt

▢ Underwear (always bring an extra pair. You never know what’s gonna happen.)

▢ Pajamas. Don’t plan on sleeping in just boxers (Read Next)

Try NOT to bring a blanket and pillow. These items take up way to much space. Since the temperatures of where you will be sleeping are most likely unknown I recommend layering up instead of blankets. I wear my under armor, jeans, thick socks, 2 shirts and a sweat shirt to bed (sometimes more). I stay warm no matter where I sleep and it is made up of luggage I had to bring anyway. Just an empty pillow case stuffed with your other clothes works nicely as a pillow.


Other Important Stuff to Bring

▢ CLEATS!!!!

▢ A refillable water bottle. Nalgene Bottles are perfect. Don’t be the kid that brings 30 Poland Spring bottles.

▢ Soap/shampoo. Leave the razor and shaving cream at home if the tourney is less than 3 days.

▢ Deodorant

▢ Toothbrush/toothpaste

▢ Medications, inhaler, ankle brace, etc.

▢ MONEY. A general rule I go by is to bring $20 per day I am staying. So three days equals $60 in cash. This is the bare minimum and I recommend bringing even more plus a credit card. This is for buying food, tournament merchandise, alcohol, snacks, parties, and emergency situations. Don’t forget to throw the driver a few bucks for gas, too.

▢ Drivers license, wallet, keys, student i.d.

▢ Shoes that aren’t cleats.

▢ Cell phone charger.

▢ Sunblock and/or bug spray

▢ A few bandaids. There is almost always a med kit or tent that can help for more than just scrapes.

▢ Food. Steal it! But not really. If you are in college and have access to dining halls, or have freshman that do, slowly start taking food with you after each meal a few days before the tourney. Things like fruit, chips, nuts, cereal, etc are all good snacks for the trip. This could save you money while at the tournament. Plus, it’s not really stealing, your paying for that food in your tuition anyway.

ultimate frisbee tournament checklist

▢ Don’t forget a condom. Better safe than sorry.

▢ Mini Foldable StoolIf you don’t have one click the link to check it out! They are the best thing you can ever buy for a tournament. Ever. 

▢ An unmatched desire to win. Get a good nights sleep the night before you leave. It will be the last sleep you get until you get home again. Have fun, be safe, and make memories you will never forget.


All of this can fit in an ordinary Duffle Bag if you do it right. Pack smart and condense the things you can. Below are some items you can exclude to save some room. 


What *NOT* to bring

A pillow and blanket.

Drugs. Cops love cars full of college kids. You don’t want to get everyone in trouble by having a dime bag or open container. Plus, drugs are bad for you anyway.

Alcohol. Usually there is a liquor store or gas station in town you can buy from upon arrival.

Towels for every night you stay. If you are the type of person who uses a towel once then requires a new fresh one, go play baseball.

Too many clothes. Plan your outfits instead of bringing the whole wardrobe. Limit yourself to one nice outfit, a chillout outfit, a comfy outfit, and Ultimate attire.

Large things that you don’t really need. Keep the ironing board home.

Shaving cream/razor. Especially if it’s only a 2-day tourney. You’ll live.

Don’t bring a disc. That is the captains/presidents job. There is no reason to have 25 discs at the tourney so leave it at home. Most tournaments sell custom discs anyway.



Well, there you have it. That should answer your questions on what to bring to an Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Please share this page with your Facebook groups and pages by copy/pasting the link below.



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