There comes a time in every young Ultimate players life where they go from a boy, to a man; A girl to a woman. Today is that day. Today is the day you shed your department store $30 cleats with duct tape wrapped around them and invest in something that matters. If you are on this site you’re an Ultimate player that cares about their performance, and therefor care about the tools to make you the best you can be. Tokay’s Cleats are the tool we have all been waiting for.

Below is a video review of Tokay Ultimate Cleats for your viewing pleasure.


9.5 out of 10

For a $119 cleat, it essentially has the traction of a high-end $200 cleat. The triangular spikes help for multi-directional cutting while 4 “shark fin” like spikes add further control to hard cuts. You can truly feel the grip in every cut as the grass rips beneath you. The only reason this is not a perfect score is because there are cleats that exist with better traction, typically they are higher priced. In other words, Tokay’s cleats are the best cleats you can get for this price value guaranteed. 



10 out of 10

Tokay has changed the game with style. We players like to stick out as much as possible and the color board on these cleats are unmatched. They are absolutely gorgeous. The Sides, bottom, and tongue of cleat have a beautiful spectrum of colors that I have personally never seen on a cleat, ever. The yellow shoe laces add even more flare, especially to the black edition. My favorite has to be the bottom of the cleats as they are highly visible to all on the field when running. The HQ bows our heads to you Tokay, solid job.

Tokay Ultimate Cleats


10 out of 10

These cleats have more of a sneaker-feel than a cleat one. I mean that in the best way possible. There are multiple cushions around the ankle for added support. The company even outsources a next-gen app to determine your exact shoe size by 3D rendering each foot before you order. The shoes are very breathable and the soul is flexible. They fit like a glove and at some points I kind of forgot I was wearing them. Often we get blisters the first few times wearing a new shoe, not with these puppies. Pure comfort all the way around.

9.7 OUT OF 10

Tokay’s cleats received an exceptionally high score for a cleat of their price point. They have landed themselves in the top 4 among the most recommended cleat for Ultimate Frisbee players by Ultimate players. Click here to see our Top 15 Cleats we recommend.

These cleats are available for purchase on Tokay’s website at