Top 10 Frisbee Games

Top 10 Frisbee Games

Perhaps not everyone showed up to practice today, or your in a backyard with some friends looking to spice up the party. Whatever the situation may be, you have a frisbee, some people, and the need to show off some skills. This page shows various games to play with a Frisbee when there just isn’t enough space or people for a real Ultimate game. Frisbee games are a great way to improve throwing and accuracy while having a blast watching your friends attempt to throw a disc for the first time.

1: Kan Jam285546_2338274855874_2867147_n

Players needed: 4
Cost: $30 – $40
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Yes

Kan Jam has to take the #1 spot in our Top 10 Frisbee games. This incredibly simple game is strangely addicting and amazingly fun to play. Kan Jam is just two plastic cylinders with a slit in them. There are multiple ways to score points. You can throw it above the cylinder to a teammate that has one attempt to slap the disc into the opening on top, for 3 points. Or, your teammate can hit the disc into the side for 1 point, or you can just throw the disc into the slit to win it all. First to 21 points wins. The best part about Kan Jam is that it’s for all skill levels. Are your friends terrible? No problem, simply move the cans closer to each other. Are you playing with Ultimate pro’s? Then spread the cans and put one on a hill. Kan Jam can be played pretty much anywhere. If you have never played before I 100% recommend that you try it. Click the picture for the Amazon link.

2: Flimsee (or “Cups”)

Players needed: 2-4
Cost: Free – $40
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Yes

This game started the old fashioned way by finding a few sticks and sacrificing a couple party cups. Now there is an official set called Flimsee.  Anyway, Flimsee is a blast to play. You start by sticking the 2 rods into the ground about 16 inches apart with the other two rods 35 feet away (or any distance based on skill level). Put the cups upside down on each rod and let the games begin. Each team will try to throw to knock the cup off for 2 points. The fun part is that if you hit the opposing teams rod, it flings the cup in any given direction. If the cup hits the ground you get 1 point, if the opposing players dive to catch the cup and succeed, nobody gets the point. This incredibly simple game can go on for hours. It is best if played somewhere where you can dive, like a beach or backyard. Either way, Flimsee is a great item to always keep in the trunk of your car. Click the picture for the Amazon link.

3: Hot Box

Flicking in Dog Suit Funny

Players: 6-12
Cost: 1 Disc and cones help
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Probably

If you have ever been to an official Ultimate practice or a pickup game, you know that sometimes not everyone shows up. The worst is when 6 players are sitting there just praying for more to have enough for a game.. but nobody ever comes. Do we go home? Absolutely not. This is where hot box comes in. Start by setting up a 4’x4′ square in the middle of the field or gym. This box is the end zone for both teams. The playing field is the entire area around the box. Set a passing-limit before a team can score (this makes the game more similar to Ultimate). In other words say “both teams have to complete at least 6 successful passes before you can score, and you cannot immediately pass it back to the person that passed to you.” After 6 passes the little end zone becomes “unlocked,” remember you can pass an infinite amount of times around the end zone but cannot score until at least the 7th completed pass. Also, make a rule that nobody can stand in the end zone, otherwise the other team clogs the box so you can’t score. Stalling, pivoting, and all other Ultimate rules are still in effect. The pass count only resets if there is a turnover. If a team scores they still have possession, they just have to throw to someone outside of the box, and complete another 6 passes to score again. Hot Box is a fast-paced high-intensity game that is just as fun as real Ultimate.

4: Tips

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Players needed: 6-10
Cost: 1 Disc
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Absolutely

Tips is a fantastic game to play when your blood alcohol content resembles an honor student’s GPA. The two teams of 3-5 will separate about 25 feet away from each other on level ground. Each team should designate an experienced thrower that can perfectly throw a chest-level, flat, and accurate pass to the opposing team. Otherwise the games ends up in a few arguments. Anyway, the game will start by the thrower giving a nice pass to the center of the other team. A player on the other team will “tip” the disc to another teammate. The biggest rule is that you have to catch with one hand! Mostly because it’s required to have a beer in the other. 1 tip and a catch equals 1 point. You can tip to a teammate who can tip it again to another to catch for a total 2 points (1+1). If no catch is made then the points don’t count. The team will then throw an easy pass to your team for your chance to score. Oh I forgot to mention, a hand-tip is 1 point, a foot-tip is 2 points, and a head-tip is 3 points. You can tip as many times as long as it results in a one-handed catch. Here is a video to give you a brief idea (It’s more challenging/fun to catch with one hand).

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

5: Disc Golf

Players needed: 1+
Cost: $99 for an official outdoor goal
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Without a doubt

Disc Golf is in fact one of the most popular Frisbee games to ever exist. Many 18-hole real golf courses have added Disc Golf goals to there playing area to attract a whole new breed of players. It is basically played like golf, except, instead of a hole, the target is an above ground basket designed to catch discs. The ball is replaced by different weighted discs in which a player will attempt to throw into the basket in as little tosses as possible. The discs are not your average frisbee, they are actually smaller, heavier, and need to be thrown much differently to get that same “float” we are used to with a regular frisbee. Visit your local golf course to see if they offer Disc Golf or you can play around with your own personal goal. I scoured the web and found a video for you that explains Disc Golf better than I ever could, it’s ironically at

6: Goaltimate

Goaltimate Goal
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Players needed: 8
Cost: Around $30
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Not really

Goaltimate is basically Ultimate Frisbee with a goal. I have not found where one can purchase a goal but I found a Website explaining how to make your own for $30 bucks. This Frisbee game uses PVC piping to create a half-circle goal in the middle of the field. The strategy is to pass the disc through the goal to be caught by a teammate on the opposite side for a point. I have personally never played Goaltimate before so here is a Youtube Video showing exactly what the game is all about. There is also a Wikipedia page explaining all of the rules and field dimensions in-depth.

7: JackPotHospital Pass Ultimate Frisbee

Players needed: 4+
Cost: 1 Disc
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Oh yes

Jackpot is an incredibly simple game that all you need is a single disc. Designate a thrower that is able to throw the disc about half the field. Bunch everybody else into a group about 150 feet away from the thrower.  The thrower will throw the disc high and far towards the group. The group is a free-for-all where each player is responsible for their own points. The players will attempt to out-jump each other in hopes to catch the disc. Each catch is worth one point. However, if you touch the disc and don’t catch it you lose a point. Jackpot is actually an Ultimate Frisbee drill that teaches players how to read the disc and catch it over opposing players. Either way, Jackpot is a fun Frisbee game to play at practice or if you are at the park with a few buddies. In Ultimate, the act of throwing a lofty deep pass to a group of people is called a “Hospital pass,” and for good reason. Be careful when playing, as the game gets more intense players tend to bump into each other to attack the disc. I have eaten a few good elbows in my day but ITS SO FUN TO PLAY!!!!

8: Guts

Guts Frisbee
Photo courtesy of PNutCards’s Youtube channel

Players needed: 8-10
Cost: 1 Disc
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Not recommended

Guts is one of the first Frisbee games to ever exist. It is an absolutely crazy sport that consists of a guy throwing a disc as hard as he can at you and your four teammates. Your team must catch the flying disc 1-handed by deflecting it off each other until it slows down enough to become catchable. If a catch is made it equals one point. Now it’s your turn to throw the disc at mach-5 at the opposing team for their chance to catch it. This sport is insane. I give these guys credit. Personally I have never been to a park and seeing people play this recreationally, but you can be the first. Please watch the video of Guts Frisbee to see what these players go through.

9: Frisbee Hoopsbasketball-hoop-parts-nets-goals-1393515-bison-official-standard-basketball-short-board-gym-upgrade-package-8.gif

Players needed: 2-4
Cost: 1 Old/used Disc
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Most definitely

Hoops can only be played in a gym with basketball hoops. This is a Frisbee game I’d play pretty frequently during the winter season with a few buddies of mine. Your team of 1-2 stands under one hoop and the other team under the opposite hoop. One team will start by, without moving, throwing the disc at your hoop. If the disc hits backboard it is 1 point, net is 2 points, rim is 3 points, and getting it in the hoop is 5 points. You can defend your hoop if you can jump high enough to block the disc from hitting the net or the bottom of the backboard or even the rim.  First to 21 points wins. However, if you have 20 points and hit rim (which is 3 points) you lose 3 points because you have to get exactly 21 to win. If you get exactly 21, each player on the other team has one chance for redemption to make it to exactly 21. If they make it, the game resets and first to 7 points wins. Let’s say the disc hits backboard, bounces of the rim, and goes into the hoop. We do not add the points together so this would only equal 5 points. This is one of my favorite games to play with a Frisbee and can easily be played for hours.

10: Ultimate FrisbeeUltimate Frisbee Bid Picture

Players needed: 14
Cost: 1 Disc and some Cones
Can it be turned into a drinking game? Abso-freaking-lutely

I am sure you saw this one coming. Obviously this is the best disc game to ever exist. As you can see, we literally created an entire website about it. The Ultimate HQ is central hub for all Ultimate Frisbee knowledge. Feel free to click around to view the Rules, Strategy, History, Vocabulary, or anything your are curious about. We have put a lot of time into covering everything about this amazing sport. Enjoy!