Best Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Shoes

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The Best Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Shoes

If you are like me, you learned the hard way that running sneakers can’t seem to handle the intensity of Indoor Ultimate. After just a few weeks my toes literally busted out the sides of my nice expensive running sneakers on a gym floor. This was years ago when I was new to indoor and playing in a local pickup league.

I discovered that Basketball shoes are the way to go for Indoor Ultimate Frisbee. It makes sense since Basketball players cut, juke, jump, and run with the same intensity of Ultimate. Below is a chart of personal recommendations for the Top 15 Indoor Ultimate Frisbee shoes. Most of the chart is  mens and women’s Basketball shoes with a few indoor soccer and 5-finger toe shoes making their way to the top. It all depends on preference and the intensity of Ultimate at which you play. Unfortunately Basketball shoes seem to be, on average, more expensive than any other type of shoe so we searched long and hard to find you the best value. If you are new to Indoor Ultimate, we also have an article on all of the Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Rules and the differences from outdoor.


What is the Best Indoor Ultimate Frisbee Shoe?

I own a pair of Nike Men’s Overplay VII Basketball Shoe‘s and they have been amazing. In my opinion, they are the best mens shoe for indoor Ultimate Frisbee. For only around $60 these shoes offer great traction, comfort, and tremendous durability. You can read my in-depth review of them by clicking here (it’s #7). the $60 price mark is seriously a steal, I would have been okay with paying much more for them.

The best Indoor Women’s shoe is also the Overplay VII Basketball Shoe. Nike did it right by bringing the Overplay to the women’s segment as well. However, there is another shoe that grabbed the attention of many Ultimate women. That is the Women’s Pro Model Zero Basketball Shoe which offers the same durability with a completely different style. Both shoes are excellent and do their job well, it really just comes down to which style you prefer.


Click the picture or the link to find out all the information you need to know about the product. There is a key located at the bottom of the page. 

ProductCompanyAmount of ColorsMaterialsOverall RatingPrice
Overplay VII Basketball Shoe

Nike………..7……………...Leather, Phylon midsole, Rubber Outsole, Special pattern for maximum traction, Very durable for price mark5…………...$$
Mercurial Victory IV IC Indoor Soccer

Nike1Synthetic, Vapor Traction, Rubber Sole, Contoured Sock Liner, Super Comfortable4.8$$$
Samba Classic Soccer Shoe

Adidas2Leather, Thick rubber sole, adiPRENE insert for comfort and shock absorption4.6$$
FiveFingers KSO Shoes

Vibram8Leather, Rubber Sole, Abrasion-Resistant Stretch Nylon, TC1 Peformance Rubber Outsole, Very Lightweight, Best of its kind4.0$$$
Hyperdunk Basketball Shoe

Nike8Hyperfuse, Rubber sole, Carbon Fiber Shank Plate, Super Lightweight, Great Traction5$$$$$
Adizero Crazy Light 2

Adidas4Synthetic, Nylon Mesh, SprintSkin, EVA Midsole4.5$$$
Gato II Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nike2Leather Mesh, Phylon midsole, die-cut EVA sock liner, Rubber Sole 4.3$$$
Women's Pro Model Zero Basketball Shoe

Adidas3Synthetic Leather, EVA Midsole, Kurim Shell, Lightweight4.5$$
Jordan CP3.VI AE

Nike2Synthetic, Leather, Rubber Sole, Extreme Comfort4.9$$$
Women's Vibram FiveFingers

Vibram2Leather, New Pu toe cap protection, New Lacing system, Seamless rubber sole4.4$$$
Women's Overplay VII Basketball Shoes

Nike1Leather, Phylon midsole, Rubber Outsole, Special pattern for maximum traction, Very durable for price mark5$$
ProductCompanyAmount of




Colors Available:  The number of colors that particular shoe comes in, including the color in the picture. 

Rating:  1 being the worst, and 5 being the best. The overall rating includes materials, amount of colors, quality, life expectancy, and price.

Material:  The main material and features


$    50 dollars or less

$$    50-70 dollars

$$$    70-90 dollars

$$$$    90-150 dollars

$$$$$    150 dollars or more



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