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Here at the Ultimate Frisbee HQ you will learn everything you need to know about the wonderful sport of Ultimate Frisbee. Learn plays, tips, strategy, throws, vocabulary, and way more. Any question you may have, we probably have an answer. Our goal is to teach YOU in just a few minutes what it takes Ultimate pro’s years to learn. This is where you become a better player. This is the Ultimate Frisbee HQ.

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What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Hospital Pass Ultimate FrisbeeUltimate Frisbee, or just Ultimate, is a non-contact sport that is spreading rapidly across the globe. Ultimate is played with a Frisbee instead of a traditional air-filled ball like most sports.  The field is made up of a playing area and two end zones, similar to a Football field, with two teams of seven that compete against one another.  What really sets Ultimate aside is the culture Ultimate Frisbee jumpingthat surrounds it.  All players follow the golden rule, treat others how you would want to be treated.  This is known as the Spirit of The Game and it runs deep in every Ultimate player.  While still remaining competitive, Ultimate is a sport for all ages and skill levels that offers fun, exercise, and enjoyment.

The sport of Ultimate has become popular because of it’s simplicity, competitiveness, and overall respect for the game and others around.  Ultimate has been around for barely 80 years and yet it has proven its potential by spreading to colleges, high schools, and towns everywhere.  With over 130,000 registered players worldwide and growing rapidly Ultimate Frisbee will truly be the sport of the future.

How to play Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee LayoutThe rules of frisbee are relatively simple.  The main objective is to make it to the Point Cap before your opponent by catching the frisbee in the end zone.  A team will work together to try and get the frisbee down the field as efficiently as possible by the use of various Throws. When holding the frisbee one cannot move, they can only Pivot on one foot until they release the disc.  When not holding the disc one must run and Cut through the field trying to get open to complete a pass.  This is repeated until a catch is made in the end zone. With every point made the teams switch sides to score in the opposite end zone.

To start the game or a new point both teams will line up on the end zones they are trying to defend.  The defensive team will Pull the disc to the other team to start play.  The other team will have possession until the disc gets defended, thrown out-of-bounds, or if there is a turnover.  If a turnover occurs, the team that initially pulled the disc is now on offense.  This team tries to work the disc up field to score. This is repeated until the team with the best passes, catches, and strategy win the game.  These rules are just the basics.  Check out Rules and How To Play which breaks down the entire sport of Ultimate Frisbee into ten easy categories.


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Why is this site different?

The language. This entire site is written in a way that is easy for beginners to learn. Yet, sophisticated enough for seasoned players to take something away as well. There is a huge list of vocabulary that the Ultimate community uses. I have taken the initiative to add a Text-Hover (<–Hover over this link with your mouse) to any terms that may be confusing to a new player. In addition, certain aspects of this site has been separated into beginner and advanced categories. This is so beginners learn the most important things first and experienced players can skip all the easy stuff.


Ulttimate frisbee thumbs up Reliability. All the content has been written by real Ultimate players that have been playing for many years. We love Ultimate Frisbee and want you to love it too. Ultimate has brought friends, exercise, and joy into our lives so the least we can do is spread this wonderful sport.


How to forehand

How to Flick

Learn. There are a ton of throws out there. Traditionally a player will watch YouTube videos and endlessly rewind them to master a type of throw. We eliminated that wasted time and teach in the form of .GIF images. Which are short looping videos that one can watch until the exact form and movements are memorized. We found this to be the most effective way to learn new throws. Start learning Ultimate Frisbee Throws now.



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We are here. This site is not intended to just sit here for the rest of time un-touched. As Ultimate changes the content of this site changes. New definitions, plays, tips, and overall content are added as the sport evolves. We love when visitors offer suggestions so please contact us if you have an Idea! That is how our popular Team Names page was created.

We have it all. Go ahead, browse around the HQ for a little while and you will see that almost everything about the sport is covered. Our goal is to be the best informational source for Ultimate Frisbee and we think we’ve done it.